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Cucumbers in Saint Lucia!

When you have a field of Cucumbers like this below is what you get

Manager of the Belle Vue Farmers' Cooperative is seeing thousands from his 2nd harvest of his Cucumber vegetable crop.

Felix: What's that?

Sales: Maybe a thousand cucumber.

Felix: Thousands, I think we have much more than a thousand here.

Sales: Oh, we have.

Felix: Supporting you, I'm with you. Even I'm with you.

Sales: Wow! So this is our second harvest and this the farmer used Soysoap to grow these. And as you can see, these are very wonderful. We have another pile over here and we have Mr. Leons washing those cucumbers, preparing them for market, right?

Felix: Yes.

Sales: All right, all right. We are very happy with what we are seeing and this is what Soysoap can do for you. All right.

Before we could get mass producton of Cucumbers in Saint Lucia. We had to go through the stages of growing a crop. We had to develop dilution rates, application timing and frequency, appication methods drip lines, mist spraying, backpack spraying, etc. So we have these 6 video that we have added back to help new farmers see how Soysoap was applied to Cucumbers!

Sales: Okay, here we are today. Today is the 9th of January, 2015. These are some cucumber plants. These were transplanted about two days ago – actually about three days ago and we are about to apply the first application of Soysoap on those cucumber trees. This is a trial we are very happy that the farmer here has allowed us to demonstrate to him and to the other farmers around that our product is able to replace many of the chemicals, of the toxic chemicals that he is presently using. So we're going to be I think in all, we should be spraying today about between 1000 and 1500 plants. And what we're going to do, we're going to monitor the plants for over the course of the next seven to eight weeks.

Okay, healthy plants there. And the point here is that after spraying with Soysoap, by using Soysoap not only will the farmer have a much stronger plant, but as a result of a much stronger and healthier plant, he is not going to have to use that many harsh chemical to control pest and what have you. So healthy plants, less fungicide, less pesticide, better for the environment, better for the farmer.

All right, okay, so we have our Soysoap solution in this sprayer right here, we are about to apply. Okay, I will keep in touch. Bye.

Sales: Today is the 16th of January, 2015 Okay, hello guys. We are here with our second cucumber video, just giving you an update on our cucumber plants, and you be the judge. This seems to be going very fine compared to our last video. Take a look at the size, you can go back and take a look at our first video on our cucumbers and tell me what you think. But we are actually very impressed with what's happening here. Let me give you some larger view here. Very nice, the plants seem to be doing very nice. We've had a couple of – we've had some rain over the past two or three days, but generally this seems to be doing very fine.

Okay, now here is something I didn't mention on the first video that is actually even more impressive. Take a look at these guys over here versus our guys over here. Now, this side is grown with already we sprayed with our plant booster called Soysoap and this side is the farmers using conventional chemicals right. So he adds urea, he adds fungicide, there is this new product called Wellgrow. He sprays I think at least two to sometimes three times for the week, definitely at least twice a week. And take a look at the size of these plants here and take a look at our plants here.

All right, and the point here is to illustrate that by using Soysoap, you can reduce obviously on the amount of chemicals that you are using, but also in terms of price, you actually – it's actually cheaper to use Soysoap, you get pretty much the same benefits. So take a look at these, we are just using one product spraying about seven to 10 days and this guy uses like three or four different products. He sprays about twice a week; you tell me what you think. So conventional here, I will do some close-ups there for you. This is the conventional guy, he has a couple – so you can see a couple of beds here, all of this be conventional and then as we switch to our side here, starting from this bed going down all the way there, it's just Soysoap.

And boy, Soysoap is doing a very, very good job of keeping this plants healthy and as a result – but look at this, I mean, do you see any sign of stress or pest? I don't think so. Very nice, healthy plants. One product, non-toxic sprayed every seven to 10 – between every seven and 10 days. All right, so we are actually getting ready to do an application here. We are going to be spraying these and I guess I am going to probably see you in let’s say seven days to see the status of our plants. All right guys, thank you. Bye-bye.

Sales: Today is the 24th of January, 2015 Hi guys, it's about eight days since our last video and I just wanted to give you an update on our plants. As you can see, they are doing very well. And a little surprise, guess what, we actually have some flowers. We are beginning to see some flowers here. Unusually for cucumbers, that means from the next I would say, three to four weeks from now, we should be able to harvest some cucumbers, yeah, I would say about four weeks. So very healthy plants, some more flowers, very nice. So all these plants right here were sprayed with Soysoap and as you can see – all right, we are hoping that these plants will grow and be able to give us a pretty good yield. Sorry for the shadow here but it's kind of sunny right now.

Okay, what I am going to do, I am going to come back in about probably 10 to 14 days from now, and by then we should have some cucumbers in there. And I will see you then. So, so far we are very happy with what we are seeing. Take a look at the size of those leaves. Green and large leaves, this is really amazing. Okay, look at the size of some of the leaves right now, healthy. Okay guys, I will see you in about 14 days. Take care, bye.

Sales: Today is the 16th of February 8th, 2015, Hello guys, we are here in the Caribbean. This is a cucumber farm down in the Caribbean and we actually used this product from Biobased, SoySoap and we sprayed this – right now, we've sprayed about – we've applied about three applications, quarter of an ounce to a gallon. And wow, the results are amazing. These plants are about four and half weeks old, about five weeks actually and look at these. Here we have tons of flowers, unbelievable and the plants look very, very healthy.

On a side note, we have not used any fungicide. Usually, we'd use about – apply fungicide maybe about once every two weeks, once a week sometimes. But so far the plants look so healthy, so there was no need to apply any fungicide. But take a look at these, I mean we even have some cucumbers, some small cucumbers here and I don't know if you can see these, but we actually have some small cucumbers here and we even have some bee activities, wow.

So we are going to be monitoring these plants, but they look extremely healthy and when applied to fertilizer these especially foliar fertilizer, these SoySoap can really make a difference, I mean unbelievable. Tons of flowers, we are expecting a huge harvest from this plot of cucumbers here. Very healthy, tons of flowers, large green leaves, unbelievable!

All right. I am going to keep in touch and hopefully, in about a week and half we should be harvesting some cucumbers from this plot. Thank you, have a great one.

Sales: Okay, we are here with Mr. Felix, President of the Belle Vue Farmers' Cooperative, right? That's right, uh?

Felix: Manager.

Sales: Manager of the Belle Vue Farmers' Cooperative. Okay, so we are here we've some pepper plants and what variety is that now?

Felix: That's the King Arthur.

Sales: King Arthur, okay. And so tell me Mr. Felix, what has been your experience with Soysoap?

Felix: I have been doing peppers for some time and that, you know, few times on a stretch. But with that of the Soysoap, we're seeing a big – a huge difference. The plants are growing quicker, they are looking greener, the leaves are broader.

Sales: Okay.

Felix: So we have seen a huge difference, although it is just– I think we have just applied about twice.

Sales: Okay.

Felix: But we've seen a big, big, big difference in terms of the growth rate and the vitality of the plant and you know, how great it looks and everybody seems to be making the same comment.

Sales: Okay.

Felix: That it's a big difference in terms of how quick the plant is growing.

Sales: Right. I also see, you also commenting that there were actually some small fruits in there already, right?

Felix: Yeah, yeah, in fact it's 22 days and we're already seeing small fruits. We've never seen small fruits so early in the growth of the plant.

Sales: Wow! So you are saying this is actually the first time you guys have seen fruits so earlier, right?

Felix: So early, yeah, that's the first time here.

Sales: Okay, okay, that is good.

Felix: Definitely the Soysoap makes a huge difference in terms of the growth of the plant and how well the crop is growing. We are well – basically well satisfied with the –

Sales: And also in terms of the reduction of fertilizer, you guys in terms of your other chemical input, have there been some reduction?

Felix: Yeah, a big reduction because from what we have seen, it doesn’t look like we have to apply much fertilizer because you know the growth is there already and you apply fertilizer to give you growth.

Sales: Yeah, yeah.

Felix: If you're already seeing the growth, then you know you can look at the plant and see how good it looks so, you know, definitely we will not apply as much fertilizer I think we would normally do.

Sales: And I mean, we were asking you, I still have to ask because we are doing a video. But this is a product that you will definitely recommend to your farmers?

Felix: Definitely, in fact the first batch has been sold out. We – the farmers are buying a lot of it. So I mean it looks to me like everybody who have used it is satisfied with the performance and so we expect it to be a product that will be even more widely used as more farmers get to know about it, because this is a product that everybody who has used it is satisfied with the performance that he is asking from it.

Sales: Thank you so very much sir. I appreciate it.

Sales: Hey guys. The news about SoySoap is spreading pretty fast and so this is the second farmer who is using SoySoap on cucumbers in the Caribbean, and he is very satisfied with what he is seeing right now. This is like two applications and you can see he is very satisfied. The plants are very healthy. I know it's very sunny down here in the Caribbean, but take a look at this. Right now, this is a new convert here. He is using SoySoap on all of these plants. So far, he has not used any fungicide, just – wow, very impressive, healthy plants, green leaves. All right, we will keep you up-to-date with what's going on with these plants.

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